Monday, August 22, 2016

Lets Talk Time Flys

Lets Talk

Time flys by and before you know it i find myself not posting on here in over two years. Now is it because I don't like this platform? Although I admit my writing skills arnt the best and I  can definitely use some work I actually think that this platform is beneficial for people. Is it cus I have become tired of the 'Lets Talk' segment. No that's not the case, I surprisingly enough love it. The simple fact is time flys and when your growing up it becomes hard to want to pick up a laptop and write for personal reason when you have been writing non stop about a book you never read, a guy that died a long long time ago or a topic that I can guarantee I wont use in the future. But I'm back and that's all that matters. Right?...ya no I get it y'all don't care and i wouldn't ether. But hey your reading this so...

Lets Talk Time Flys

Some say Time flys when your having fun.

But if you have been wondering what in the world i have been doing in the past two years, Ill tell you now that I have been growing up. So basically from my first post to now, I lost friends, made friends,  went to prom, graduated, started college and a bunch of other things that have to do with growing up. So now your probably wondering why now? why come back? To be completely honest I just happen to be extremely board and wanted to do something on a Thursday night so here I am. But if I am being honest here I never relay left, let me explain, I have written countless amount of blogs but never uploaded them. I have articles that I must admit are halph assed about education, voting, finals and so on. Although I may not have uploaded them I constantly find myself coming to this platform to talk about more serious topic. I don't go on instagram and post something about racism in the us nor do I go on SnapChat and snap something about the failing education system. I, shockingly enough, find myself coming here to talk about issues that mutterer to me.

Now I know I told you about what has happened to me in the last two years but let me tell you what has happened in my world in the last two years. Police brutality has been more prevalent and becomes more of an issue as the days pass, the killings of police has increased, two people not fit to run this country have ran for presidency and will more likely then not become president, iss has killed thousands, some people have now started to back the second amendment wile forgetting about the first, being a Muslim has now become something to be ashamed about, having to much melanin in your body has now become a crime, civil wars are happening, mass shootings have become the new norm, war on war is happening, people are killing there own and in all honesty this list can go on and on and on but this list is just a snip bit of what my world has come to. Tragedy upon tragedy so much so that it can be hard to keep track and at times it can feel like I cant focus on one tragedy before another happens.

So ya time flys but its not all fun sometimes it flys cus your to numb to realize how fast its going

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