Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lets talk Racism in the USA.

Lets Talk

Now lets talk about a more seriouse topic. Lets talk about racism.A vary touchy topic? Yes. But its a topic that needs to be talked about.But before we get into it let me share a little about myself that I think has shape the way I see racism.I am a african american female that lives in the USA.And I think the one question that need to be answered is that here in the USA where we have abolished racism where we have our first african american precedent where we pride our selfs in rights for everyone no mater gender, hight, weight, or race is their still racism?

Lets Talk Racism in the USA.

Being compleetly honest growing up I never realy thought that racism existed but as I got a little older I started to notice little things. Like when people would look at me and my brother when we were shopping together, when I noticed that workers would pay more attention to me and my group of friends (wich consists of mostly african americans) when we went shopping. Honestly I think the real reason why I don't see racism a lot is because of where I live. There isn't a lot of segregation where I live but I must admit just a couple of miles away segregation is all you see but then again its not ' noticeable segregation' its just little things like which youth buildings get more money or what schools are getting shut down, things like that its never person to person and its never an everyday struggle maybe a monthly struggle and at the most a weekly struggle but I have to say I do here about schools in the USA specifically in the south that are segregated by races meaning one school that is in a area that isn't probably the safest place and gets little to no money to educate the student consist of mostly if not all african american student compared to a school that is located in an area that has virtually no crime rate and has an abundance of money to educate their students consist mostly if not all caucasian but education is another 'Lets Talk ' subject. But their is one clear example of racism that if you live in the states you probably herd of. The caucasian shootings of innocent african american boys , this shootings is another 'Lets Talk' topic but they are a clear examples of racism.

But let me just say that racism is not only for african americans it also effect other races like asians mexicans and many other races but lets be honest racism is alive and living maybe its not in certain areas but it is in all the states. Everyone thought since we got an african american president Martian luther kings dream of equality has come true although I grant that his dream is somewhat a reality his dream is still vary much a dream and what scares me the most is that, that dream of his won't ever come true.

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