Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lets Talk Rihanna at CFDA 2014

Lets Talk....


Lets talk about the amazing dress that were warn at the 2014 CFDA. Many stars like Solange, Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen and countless others were stunning on the red carpet but one look that took others by surprise was the little number that Rihanna came out in. Sooo....

Lets Talk Rihanna at CFDA 2014

She got a lot of heat about the dress she were on the red carpet. Wile some called it tacky, trashy, and even sluty some called it stunning, breathtaking and amazing. Where do I stand in this? In the middle.

Let me explain. First we have to remember who wore this dress. Rihanna. Wile she is known for warring some of the most stunning dress and known as a fashion icon she is also known for pushing the envelop and it is exactly what she did here. Wile I agree that this was not what I was expecting her to ware on the red carpet especially because she was getting an honored for being a fashion icon but I get it. I looked at what she looked like overall and it makes sense. Wile yes it might have been a bit to sheer, it was kind of a throw back dress to the 00 meaning like 2000 to maybe around 2005 it might have tested the boundaries of fashionbut thats what makes her a fashion icon and the make up and the head peace with the dress makes sense and i see what she was trying to do but i don't think she hit the mark just yet.

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